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Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 30

Cook Time : 30

Total Time : 60


Serves 4

  • Prawns(Cleaned and Devined) 500 gms

  • Pearl Onions/Shallots 4-5 nos

  • Ginger piece 1 1/2 inch

  • Garlic(all thinly sliced) 2-3 nos

  • Green Chillies(slit) 3-4 nos

  • Grated Coconut (To Grind) 1 cups

  • Chilly Powder(To Grind) 1- 1 1/2 tsp

  • Turmeric Powder(To Grind) 1/4 tsp

  • Cumin(To Grind) 1 pinch

  • Pearl Onions(To Grind,Seasoning(sliced)) 1-2 nos

  • Cooking Oil(Seasoning) 2 tbsp

  • Mustard Seeds(Seasoning) 1 tsp

  • Curry Leaves(Seasoning) 1 tsp

  • Fenu Greek(Seasoning) 1/2 tsp

  • Raw Mango Pieces 1/2 cups


  • 01

    Cook the cleaned prawns in little water with onion, ginger, garlic slices (or crushed) with some turmeric powder and salt. When the prawns are half cooked, add the raw mango pieces. (Usually medium sized prawns are cooked within 10 to 12 minutes).

  • 02

    Meanwhile grind the grated coconut well with chilly & turmeric powders, cumin and one or two shallots.

  • 03

    When the mango pieces are partly cooked, add the ground coconut mixture. If the mango is not sour enough, you can add diluted tamarind pulp (puli pizhinjathu). Let it simmer in low flame for a few minutes. Add slit green chillies. You can adjust the chilly powder according to your taste.

  • 04

    When the gravy is slightly thickened and mango pieces are cooked, remove from flame. Now add seasoning - in hot oil splutter mustard seeds & a couple of fenugreek seeds, saut? pearl onion slices and curry leaves till crispy.

  • 05

    Serve with hot rice. We serve this curry with appams too. Bon app?tit ?



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