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Shake n Make

Discover recipes which can be prepared with ingredients you have at hand.

Snap n Cook

Find recipes by uploading images of ingredients

Smart Search

Discover recipes which can be prepared with ingredients through voice commands.

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Why is it special?

No other app has this
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Why is it special?

No other app has this

Shake n Make

Haven’t decided on a recipe yet? Stay calm and tap on all those ingredient icons you intend to use and give your phone a good shake. You will have plenty of recipe choices in an instant. Pick one that catches your eye and heart and get cookin’!

Snap n Cook

Clicking pictures is way more fun than typing isn’t? So grab your phone and start snapping shots of all the ingredients you have, and then watch a collection of recipes which can be prepared using those ingredients unfurl before you!

Look what this app has to offer

Favourites List

Favourite all those recipes that caught your attention, so you can easily access them at a later point.

Shopping List

Make your shopping list ready for the grocery store by adding each ingredients you might have to purchase to your cart.

Calorie Info

Each recipe is equipped with it’s complete nutritional details so you can plan ahead a healthy meal by gauging your calorie intake.

Easy Recipe Sharing

Now share recipes that delighted you with your loved ones easily through a variety of social platforms. Afterall, sharing is caring!


How We Build
This Awesome App

Little story of app development

Recipe Book is the brainstormed outcome of three bachelors’ kitchen conundrum.

The necessity of knowing what recipes one could prepare with the ingredients at hand propelled us forward to create Recipe Book- an intelligent cooking app that runs on the principles of artificial intelligence.

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