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How to make Almond Milk at home!

How to make Almond Milk at home!

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  • ¼ cup or 65 grams ofAlmonds

  • 2 batches of ¾ cupsFiltered water


  • 01

    Soak the almonds in ¾ cup filtered water contained in a bowl / jar placed in the refrigerator overnight

  • 02

    The next day, use a mesh strainer to drain the almonds completely and throw away the soaking water and rinse them in fresh water

  • 03

    The almonds would have plumped up after being soaked

  • 04

    Place the almonds in a blender / food processor and pour ¾ cup filtered water over them

  • 05

    Pulse for the first few times until the almonds are broken and then blend until you find that there are no chunks of almond left, just almond meal

  • 06

    Place a mesh strainer over a bowl and line the strainer with a single layer of muslin cloth

  • 07

    Pour the contents of the blender over this to strain and separate the milk from almond meal

  • 08

    Fold up the sides of the muslin cloth and squeeze to strain completely



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