Chocolate cake in 3 minutes

Chocolate cake in 3 minutes

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 0

Cook Time : 0

Total Time : 0


Serves 2 serving

  • All purpose flour4 Tablespoons

  • Sugar5 Tablespoons

  • Baking powder1/2 Teaspoon

  • Cocoa Powder2 Tablespoons

  • Salt1 Pinch

  • Egg1

  • Milk3 Tablespoons

  • Oil3 Tablespoons

  • Chocolate chips (optional) 3 Tablespoons

  • Vanilla Essence1/2 Teaspoon


  • 01

    Add all the dry ingredients in a microwave safe bowl or mug and mix well. Add whisked egg, milk and oil. Mix well.

  • 02

    Add chocolate chips and vanilla essence. Stir well. Place the microwave safe mug or bowl in a microwave oven in microwave mode for 2 to 3 minutes - power high.

  • 03

    It will rise a bit and that's it...your quick chocolate cake is ready to eat !!!



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