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Kerala Parotta

Kerala Parotta

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 0

Cook Time : 0

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Serves 5 serving

  • Flour (Maida) 2 Cups

  • Salt (to taste)

  • Olive oil8 Tablespoons

  • Hot water (As required for kneading)

  • Milk2 Tablespoons

  • Egg (optional) 1

  • Butter(for brushing)


  • 01

    Mix maida,salt ,milk and egg(optional), in a bowl and knead well to make a dough by adding water little by little.Then add oil (3 tablespoon)and knead very well (atleast for 10 mints) .

  • 02

    Let it rest for an hour. Now divide it into 10 equal size balls.

  • 03

    Now take a ball roll it flat really thin .(shape is not at all required ) stretch it to the maximum but it should not tear, and brush some oil so that each layer will not stick to each other.

  • 04

    Now start folding from one end to another like a fan or saree fleets.

  • 05

    Rub your hand with oil and now roll it again to coil form .

  • 06

    Again roll it to flat. Do not make it very thin.

  • 07

    Heat a non-stick pan ,now fry the parotta till brown and add butter on both sides. Beat the hot parotta with your hand so that layers can bee seen.



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