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Rava Dosa

Rava Dosa

Cooking Time

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  • [Sooji]( 1/2cup

  • [Rice flour]( 1/4cup

  • 1/2cupMaida

  • 3(chopped finely)Green chilly

  • 10Pepper

  • 2Curryleaves strings(chopped)

  • [Cashew nuts]( 15(chopped)

  • [Cumin seeds]( 1/2tsp

  • one pinch [Asafetida]( /Hing

  • 1tspGinger (grated)

  • 3 1/2cupsWater

  • Oil

  • to tasteSalt


  • 01

    Mix rava,maida,rice flour with adequate amount of water to make the batter in buttermilk consistency in a big bowl

  • 02

    Add green chilly ,curry leaves ,hing,ginger ,cashew nuts ,pepper,salt ,cumin seeds and mix well.No need to soak.U can just make as soon as u mix the batter ..If u want u can keep aside for half an hour b4 making

  • 03

    Heat the non stick tawa and when it is hot , smear 1/2tsp of oil on the tawa with a clean cloth.Sprinkle the batter on to the thawa.(you have to keep on mixing the batter otherwise rava may settle down .Take the batter bowl in the left hand ,keep mixing with right hand and sprinkle)

  • 04

    Keep sprinkling till u get a nice shape. Once u sprinkle it,it will look like a net

  • 05

    Drizzle few drops of oil around and on the dosa.Spread it evenly

  • 06

    Cook for 2-3 minutes .Now turn it upside down and cook for 2 minutes in low flame

  • 07

    Remove the dosa to a serving plate

  • 08

    Again adjust the flame to high and make remaining dosas

  • 09

    You can serve with sambhar or anykind of chutneys

  • 10

    P.S: U can add chopped onion as well when mixing the batter.Note to sprinkle the chopped ingredients while sprinkling the batter to tawa. U can keep the dosa batter in a tight container and keep it in the fridge for 3-4 days and make dosa whenever u feel to

  • 11

    or U can make like this way also ..My friend shared me the method

  • 12

    After mixing the rava batter ,heat the tawa in  high flame .Then Mix the batter well using a small cup .Take 3/4  th cup of batter and just pour in the hot tawa ...After few seconds u can spread ghee or oil  ..when done turn and cook the other side also

  • 13

    So u guys make rava dosa and enjoy eating :)



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