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Tissue Paper Dosa/Neer Dosa

Tissue Paper Dosa/Neer Dosa


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  • 1cup **_Raw Rice(pacha Ari)

  • 1cup **_ Coconut Milk (half of a coconut)

  • to taste **_ Salt

  • 1Egg

  • 3 4 cups **_Water


  • 01

    Soak the rice overnight.Grind the rice finely into the batter and add the egg when you are grinding .Add coconut milk ,water and salt .Mix well.The batter should be in water consistency (Like this buttermilk).Heat a non stick pan(Tawa should be very hot ,then only u get the small small holes in the dosa )

  • 02

    Pour one big spoon of batter in the pan,lift it and rotate to spread the batter in the pan to make a circular shape .Rotate as soon as u pour the batter .The action should be quick .If u r using a normal tawa then wipe the with a tissue paper or cloth dipped in oil to avoid sticking .U cant spread this dosa as we used to do with the normal dosa coz here the batter is too watery. Otherwise it will very difficult to take it from the pan .Transfer in to a serving plate

  • 03

    Cook for 2 minutes .By the time the edge will come out by itself .Once it is cooked fold the dosa into half and again half as shown in the pictures

  • 04

    Otherwise it will be very difficult to take it from the pan .Transfer in to a serving plate

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    _Serve with coconut milk -sugar,chutney,chicken curry,stew etc etc..(have with anything u find interesting)

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    While i was writing this post my cousine sister told me ,its got a real name !!! Its called as Neer dosa in Karnataka and she mentioned about the post by Pravs in

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    simply spicy

  • 09

    Thank u Pravs for the post :)

  • 10

    But off course i love to call this lovely dosa as tissue paper dosa itself ...what u say

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    Click the link below to view the printable version

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    As Luban said Awards are always special for everyone .I would like to share this Hard Working Food Blogger Award to

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    Mahima of Indian Vegetarian Kitchen

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    Seena of Salkkaram

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    Shn of Mishmash!!

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    Ann of A Delighted Foodie

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    Srivalli of cooking4allseasons

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    And i would like to pass this YUM-YUM Blog Award to Lubna Karim of Kitchenflavours

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    All of u enjoy



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