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Unni Appam

Unni Appam


This is what my mom makes when there is left over ripe banana at home. It's a yummy dessert.

Cooking Time

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Serves 4 serving

  • Ripe Banana2

  • Rice powder1/2 Cup

  • Flour/Maida1/2 Cup

  • Grated Jaggery1 Cup

  • Milk1/2 Cup

  • Ghee3 Tablespoons

  • Raisins1 Tablespoon

  • Broken Cashew Nuts1 Tablespoon

  • Dried Coconut pieces2 Tablespoons

  • Oil for frying


  • 01

    Mash Banana in a bowl. Add Rice powder, flour, jaggery and milk. This should make a thick batter. The batter consistency must be like that of cake batter.

  • 02

    Fry Coconut Pieces in ghee till its golden brown. Add it to the mixture. Fry the raisins and cashew nut and add it to the mixture and mix well.

  • 03

    Heat appam pan in a vessel containing oil. Oil should fill half of the appam pan.

  • 04

    Once the oil is hot, add small portions of batter into the appam pan. Turn over and cook till its golden brown.

  • 05

    Serve hot.



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