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Penne Pasta Indiana

Penne Pasta Indiana


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 30

Cook Time : 30

Total Time : 60


Serves 2

  • 200gm Pasta

  • ,vegetable (capsicum, beans, beetroot,carrots)100 gms cut into small pieces

  • Garlic 10 cloves

  • Egg(hard boiled)2nos

  • Butter 2tbs

  • Black pepper 1tsp

  • Salt 1tsp

  • For garnish onion 1nos

  • Tomato sauce 2tbs

  • Soya sauce 3tsp


  • 01

    Take a saucepan, put 1cup water,4 pieces beetroot, and an egg (shell are broken slightly).boiled for 10mnts,then cool it,clean the shells, ready your marble egg, u can do it with 2tsp soya sauce also for another egg

  • 02

    Take a frying pan, put butter than add shredded garlic, black pepper and vegetable saute for 4-5mnts,add salt and 1tsp soya sauce and 2tbs tomato sauce, stirring constantly, than add boiled pasta,stirring continue for 2-3mnt,finish your cooking, serve it hot with marble egg



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