Whosayna’s Mawa Khaaja

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Whosayna’s Mawa Khaaja


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :40 Min

Cook Time : 20 Min

Total Time : 1 Hr 0 Min


Serves : 6
  • Warqi Puri: 2 cups (250gms @) Maida (All Purpose Flour) 2 tbsp Ghee 2 tbsp Oil Paste (Saata): 4-5 tbsp Ghee 4 tbsp Cornflour Mawa/Khoya Filling: 2 cups Khoya (mawa) 1 cup Fresh cream 1 tsp Cardamon powder 4 tbsp Castor Sugar 2 tbsp Nuts (Almonds and Pistachios, crushed) Syrup: 1 cup Sugar 1 n half cup Water Saffron strands 1/2 tsp Rose Essence


  • 1) Bind warqi puri dough with cold water into pliable dough 2) Cover it and let it rest for half an hour. Boil chasni to one string consistency, add essence and let it cool down 3) Prepare filling: braise khoya/mawa with cream, cardamon powder and castor sugar, make sure you keep on stirring as it forms a lump remove from flame 4) Add nuts, mix well and let it cool down 5) In a bowl mix paste ingredients well and keep aside 6) Make twelve balls of the dough 7) In two balls put red color and three drops of water then mix it well to get pinkish ball 😎 In two balls put green color and do the same to get leafy green color 9) Roll all three color balls into puris, keep aside 10) On each puri brush the paste 11) Now, pile up the puris 12) First pile up with two white puris on one another followed by one red 15) Then two white puri, followed by red again 16) Then two white puris followed by two green puris 17) Lastly with remaining two plain, white puris 18) Dust the wroking table and roll into a big roti 19) Apply paste on the big roti then roll up like Swissroll making sure its intactly folded 20) Cut ends then cut into pieces 21) Roll slightly each piece into puris 21) Face the colored side of puri downwards 22) Scoop filling one tablespoon in centre 23) Place another puri on top color side facing up exactly opposite of down puri (thats colors should be horizontal and vertical facing up) 24) Seal all round the puri, pinch and press to give pie look 25) Deep fry in oil or ghee on medium flame 26) Remove on strainer let excess oil strain out 27) Pour sugar syrup on top and garnish with warak, almond and pistachio flakes