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Nariyal Gajar Paneer Laddoo

Nariyal Gajar Paneer Laddoo

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 25

Total Time : 45


Serves 12

  • grated carrots (grind in mixie to fine) 2 cups

  • fine desiccated coconut 1 cups

  • Cashew powder 1 cups

  • condensed milk 400 gms

  • Cardamom powder or to taste 1 1/2 tsp

  • rose essence 1 tsp

  • food gel color 4-5 drop

  • ghee/clarified butter 2 tsp

  • raisins 1/4 cups

  • milk 2 tbsp

  • ricotta cheese or homemade paneer 3/4 cups


  • 01

    Heat ghee in pan.

  • 02

    Add carrots and cook till soft. Keep stirring constantly on low heat.

  • 03

    Add coconut and cashew powder. Stir constantly.

  • 04

    Add ricotta cheese and mix well to blend in the mixture.

  • 05

    Add condensed milk and cook on low heat stirring continuously till it thickens and mixture starts coming together.

  • 06

    Add raisins, rose essence, and cardamom powder. Switch off gas. Cool slightly.

  • 07

    Divide the mixture in 4 parts. Add food color of your choice.

  • 08

    Grease hands with ghee and make laddoo (ball) shape.

  • 09

    Roll them in desiccated coconut and refrigerate to firm them up and for longer shelf life, though they should be consumed within a week.

  • 10

    For rainbow colors–Make small equal sized balls from each colored dough. Take 4 different colored balls and roll them in log shape. Line them next to each other and cut them in half.From the two halves, make bigger balls (Laddoos). Repeat with the remaining balls.

  • 11

    Approximately 24 Ladoos can be made from this mixture.



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