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Tartufo (Italian Dessert)

Tartufo (Italian Dessert)


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 240

Cook Time : 2

Total Time : 242


Serves 3

  • 3 small packs each of strawberry, mango and chocolate flavoured ice creams

  • 1-2 tbsp. powdered oreo biscuit

  • 1 tbsp. each of chopped pistachios, almonds and cherries to garnish


  • 01

    Fill a silicone mould / any disposable bowl / cup with mango flavoured ice cream. Make a hole in the centre with a spoon and fill some chocolate ice cream in it.

  • 02

    Again make a hole in the centre and fill it up with some strawberry ice cream. Cover the bowl with mango ice cream and freeze to set.

  • 03

    While serving, demould the tartufo and sprinkle the powdered oreo biscuit over it. Serve, garnished with chopped pista, almonds and cherry.

  • 04



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