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Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 10

Cook Time : 10

Total Time : 20


Serves 2

  • Methi k patte(chopped)2bunches,oil 1tbsp, salt according to taste,red chilli powder 3/4th tsp,dhaniya powder 1/2 tsp,turmeri powder 1/3rd tsp,garam masala(optional),mustard seeds(rai),jeera, hing,kadi patta 4-5 leaves,lahsun(garlic) grated 6-7 pieces,corriander leaves(to garnish)1 tbsp,1tomato chopped,adrak(ginger) crushed.


  • 01

    Clean n chop t methi leaves,wash n.squeeze all t water. Now in a pan heat the oil. Add the mustard seeds,jeera,hing,kadi patta ,crushed garlic n ginger n let it cook few seconds. Now add turmeric powder n the methi leaves n let cook for a while. Now add tomatoes n mix well . Add all the spices n.let cook till the methi leaves n tomatoes are done. Now garnish with corriander leaves. note : u can also add blanched palak leaves.



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