Egg Bhurji Pakora Recipe With Air Fryer

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Egg Bhurji Pakora Recipe With Air Fryer


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :15 Min

Cook Time : 10 Min

Total Time : 25 Min


Serves : 6
  • Eggs 4

  • Gram flour for binding 2 tbsp

  • Onion 1 finely chopped

  • Green chilly 2 or as needed

  • Ginger and garlic pasye 1 tbsp

  • Coriander leaves and spring onion chopped 2 tbsp

  • Black pepper 1 tbsp

  • Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp

  • Red Chilly piwder 1 tsp

  • Ajwain seeds 1 tsp

  • Salt to taste 1 tsp or as needed

  • Oil for frying 2 tbsp


  • Take a large bowl. Break 4 eggs. Add turmeric powder, black pepper and salt. Mix......well. Keep aside.
  • Heat oil in kadai. When the oil is hot. Add egg mixture. Fry it and make a egg bhurji.
  • Take a large bowl. Add egg bhurji, gram flour, chopped onion, chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chilly, ginger and garlic paste and salt , turmeric powder , red chilly powder, ajwain seeds, black pepper. Mix.....well
  • Knead a smooth dough. From the dough make a small size balls. Brush oil in egg bhurji balls. Once it is done. Keep aside
  • Preheat Airfryer 180 degree C for 5 minutes. Take out air fryer basket. Brush oil in the basker
  • Arrange the egg bhurji balls in the basket. Don't over crowd it. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes . Check it. If it is done.
  • Transfer to a serving plate. Garnish with coriander leaves.
  • Ready to serve with tomato sauce