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Malai Chop

Malai Chop

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 30

Total Time : 45


Serves 3

  • 1.5 lts full cream milk

  • 1/2 cup condensed milk

  • 1 tbsp maida or all purpose flour

  • 1 cup sugar

  • 4 cup water

  • 2 tbsp white vinegar

  • 1 pinch saffron


  • 01

    1st make fresh chhana or paneer. For chhana pour milk into a deep vessel and set over medium heat. Bring the milk to a bare simmer. Stir the milk occasionally, scraping the bottom of the pot to make sure the milk doesn’t burn. When ready, the milk will look foamy and steamy.

  • 02

    Now take vinegar and mix with water. Switch off the flame. Add vinegar and stir it continously. The milk should begin to curdle immediately, but it’s ok if it doesn’t. Then add 1-2 tsp vinegar.

  • 03

    Strain the water in a strainer immediately and wash it thoroughly in cold water. Remove the excess water. Keep it aside for 1 hr.

  • 04

    Chhana should be moist but not with dripping water or whey. Now take the chhana on a plate, put maida and sugar, and mix it altogether. Chhana has to be kneaded until it turns smooth and uniform without any lumps or grains. Smooth it for 5-6 mins.

  • 05

    Now take small portion of chhana and make it cylindrical shape chop. After preparing all chops, cover it with moist cloth. Make sure there is no crack in the chop.

  • 06

    Meanwhile in a vessel mix the sugar and water and let it boil at medium high heat. After dissolving sugar, put all chops in the sugar syrup. Cover it with lid and boil it for 10 mins. After 10 mins chops will be double in size. Rest it for another 10 mins.

  • 07

    In another pan pour 500 ml milk and wait for boiling. Once the milk comes to a boil, lower the flame and continue to stir the milk at regular intervals. After 15 mins add condensed milk, saffron and mix it.

  • 08

    After 15 mins the milk will thicken to desired consistency, take out the cooled chops from sugar syrup, squeeze and flatten with your hands. Transfer the chops to thickened milk.

  • 09

    Boil it for another 10 mins. Switch off the flame. Allow to absorb the milk for 1-2 hrs. Garnish with some pistachios and serve it.



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