French beans with potato

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French beans with potato


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :20 Min

Cook Time : 30 Min

Total Time : 50 Min


Serves : 4
  • French beans 250g

  • Potato 4

  • Chop onion 2

  • Chop ginger 1tsp

  • Chop garlic 1tsp

  • Fresh tomato puree 4tsp

  • Mustard oil 3tbsp

  • Green chill chop 2

  • Salt 1tsp

  • Red chilli 1/4tsp

  • Garam masala 1/4tsp

  • Turmeric 1/2tsp

  • Kasuri methi 1/4tsp


  • Take a french beans cut in edges.
  • Then french beans cut in 1 inch size pcs.
  • Take a potatoes peel and cut in dices.
  • Then beans and potaoes washed and water drain.
  • Take a wok put mustard oil smoke .
  • Then add garlic saute then add ginger and onion saute then add all spices and tomsto puree mix and saute .
  • Then add french beans and potato mixed then cover with lid.
  • After 20 minites french beans and potato cooked then add kasuri methi.
  • Then enjoy french beans and potato veggies.