Bucket Of Tomato..

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Bucket Of Tomato..


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :20 Min

Cook Time : 15 Min

Total Time : 35 Min


Serves : 3
  • Flour -2 cups,oil-2 tablespoon ,butter - 1 tablespoon ,curd-1 .5 tablespoon,fresh cream-2 table spoon,turmeric powder-1.5 pinch,flour-1 tablespoon ,pepper-according to taste,salt -according to taste,sugar-1 tablespoon ,white mustard- 3 tablespoon ,poppy seeds- 2 tablespoon,dusted nuts-2 tablespoon ,fresh big tomato -2,potato-1 garam masala-1.5 pinch,ginger garlic paste -half tablespoon ,morzarella cheese.,red chili flex.tomato sauce .


  • First mix the oil,butter with the flour and a smooth dough,then make 6 square pieces,and then add sliced flour portion at the end of squares,make a bucket like structure,then bake it for 2-3 mins .with a forked spoon make small holes on the squre pieces after baking,and press the sides making holes,(press gently)then on a boul take the mustard,poppy seed(smash this in grinder),curd,ginger garlic paste,dusted nuts,and salt ,sugar, pepper and mix these well,and a smooth paste,apply it on the baked square pieces of flour,.cut the tomatoes in round shape,and place that on the spuare pieces,(onions can be applied with tomatoes too)cut the potatoes in big round shaper,and apply oil and salt on it,and a pich of turmeric powder,make a paste of 1.5 tablespoon fresh cream and 1 tablespoon flour and deep the potatoes in the mixture, then place the potatoes on the spare pieces..apply the morzarella cheese on the square pieces and bake it for 15 mins at high heat,until the flour bucket become brownish .... serve hot.. apply the red chili flex on the top...and tomato sauce for dipping.