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Bread Bhakharvadi #breakfastcombo

Bread Bhakharvadi #breakfastcombo

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 10

Cook Time : 20

Total Time : 30


Serves 2

  • 4 slice of bread.. For outer covering... 1/2 cup besan.. Pinch salt.. Pinch red chilli powder.. Pinch turmeric powder... Water to make thick paste... For inner stuffing... 2 potato boiled.. 1 chilli chopped.. 1 ts coriander chopped... 1/2ts salt.. 1/2 ts red chilli powder... 1/2 ts garam masala.. 1 ts Dhania powder.. 1 ts oil.. 1 /2 ts jeera.. For tadka... 1 tbs oil... 1ts rai.. 10 curry leaves... 1 green chilli cut in to 6 pieces.


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    1- Take all ingredients of outer covering mix well make thick paste... 2- take a pan add oil n jeera in it now add chopped potatoes chilli saute it add all spices in it mix well off the flame.... 3- Now cut the corners of bread... Roll all slice with rolling pin.... 4- Put some stuffing on it.. Roll it tightly.. Dip in paste.. Now steam all rolls in steamer for 10 minutes... 5- After cool cut in circles.... 5- Now take a pan add oil n rai and curry leaves than add circles in it.. 6- Saute for 10 minutes... Bread bhakharvadi are ready to eat... 7- Serve hot with the sauce and chutney.



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