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Juzt Jelly Heart Puff's

Juzt Jelly Heart Puff's


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 40

Cook Time : 25

Total Time : 65


Serves 8

  • For dough:- 250gm Maida

  • 100 gm ghee (specially used for bakery item only, it's different from other ghee but easily available in market)

  • Salt 1/4teaspoon

  • Oil few spoons just for moyan 2-3 spoons only

  • For Stuffing:- Juzt Jelly 20pcs approximately (Flavours guava and Strawberry i used, u any use any flavour of this) plus some needed for decorating Note- crush and mix it with dry dessicated coconut powder along with 1 tbsp sugar granules, keep aside

  • Water just for spraying on sheet approximately 3-4 tablespoons


  • 01

    Mix maida,salt and oil together

  • 02

    Make a soft dough using water

  • 03

    Cover it with a dry cloth no need to wet the cloth

  • 04

    Keep it for 5-10min aside

  • 05

    Now make a square sheet and apply the ghee all over & then folding it in proper manner

  • 06

    Firstly fold the first half

  • 07

    Then turn the second half

  • 08

    Then from top

  • 09

    Then from downwards

  • 10

    Repeat the steps, same 2 times more(from kneading till folding)

  • 11

    Then cut the sides and make a proper rectangle shape

  • 12

    From that rectangle, cut length wise thick strips, then spray water over it, and then place that Juzt Jelly sugar coconut mixture all over

  • 13

    Now give a turn carefully from left side, cover just half portion.... similarly now give a turn from right side, using belan, press lightly.

  • 14

    Make all like this and give the shape of heart

  • 15

    Preheat the convention mode at 200degree for 10min when it beeps,open the door,place the tray inside and set 25minutes

  • 16

    Take out, cool well, know decorate with left over jelly, using piping bag on top of puff hearts for highlights of jelly, serve at room temperature



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