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Microwave Onion Barista/Crispy Fried Brown Onions

Microwave Onion Barista/Crispy Fried Brown Onions

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 5

Cook Time : 15

Total Time : 20


Serves 2

  • Onions: 2 (Large)

  • Oil: 1 Teaspoon (I used Canola Oil)


  • 01

    Intro: Typically, a Wok Full of Oil is required for deep frying to make Onion Barista. This can be easily made in a Microwave Oven in about 15 minutes or so with just one Teaspoon of Oil. This turns out as crisp as the deep fried version & better than the store-bought deep Fried Onions. These Crispy & Crunchy Onions are used for Biryani(s)/Kormas/Mughlai Cuisine. In the Western World, this is used at Burger Toppers. If you have a Mandolin, please use that. It takes just a few seconds to slice & there’s no crying involved. *Please be extra careful. The blade is super sharp.

  • 02

    Method: Adjust your Mandolin to the thinnest setting OR use a sharp knife & slice the Onions as thin as possible.

  • 03

    Separate each flake/layer properly & rub a teaspoon of oil with your fingers to coat the Oil well.

  • 04

    Place in a 9.5 OR 10 inches Microwave-Safe glass Pie Pan/Dish. Spread properly & evenly in a single layer. *Do not cover.

  • 05

    Important: If you choose to use a Ceramic Pie Pan, then it’s a good idea to grease the pan lightly with one Teaspoon of Oil before placing the Onions in it. A Dinner Plate made of Ceramic/Porcelain can also be used. Make sure to lightly grease it.

  • 06

    Cook on High Power (Power Level 10) for 15 minutes. Stop, Stir & Separate the Onion flakes with the help of two fork after every 5 minutes. *The Onions tend to cling to each other due to the moisture in them.

  • 07

    When the Onions change color & turn golden brown, it’s done. Take it out, separate the flakes again & let it rest. The onions are soft at this stage but they crisp-up once they cool down. *Ostensibly, the moisture content is high when the onions are sliced thinly.

  • 08

    Store in an Airtight Jar/Container. Use as required.

  • 09

    Note: Cooking Time depends upon the Cooking Power/Wattage of the Microwave Oven - Mine is 1200 Watts.

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