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"Creamy Chicken Mayo-Golgappa"......A very innovative concept using Ciba Taaza Spices & Dr.Oetker Mayonnaise made baked golgappa to be served with tea/coffee, it's not a panipuri concept, it's a baked creamy mayo chicken concept in just 1 tablespoon oil....! Hope u will like it...! Makes - Approximately 10-12 golgappa's



Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 10

Cook Time : 7

Total Time : 17


Serves 12

  • Chicken boiled and shredded 1/2 cup

  • Tomato 1/2 (chopped finely)

  • Capsicum 1/2 (chopped finely)

  • Onion 1/2 (chopped finely)

  • Garlic 1-2 cloves (chopped finely)

  • Salt, garam masala powder, chicken masala powder, according to taste (1/4 teaspoon each)

  • Coriander leaves chopped (few leaves chopped finely, approximately 3-4 tablespoon)

  • Green chillies 1 (chopped finely)

  • Pasta & pizza sauce 1/2teaspoon

  • Veg Mayonnaise 1/2teaspoon

  • Aata golgappa's - 10-12 pieces

  • Amul cheese cube 1 finely grated

  • Refined oil 1 tablespoon for shallow frying boiled-shredded chicken & veggies


  • 01

    Place 2 small chicken pieces in a medium casserole, cover & cook at medium 60% power for 3 min or until pieces are tender, stir it. Check for doneness. If under cook, cook for 1 min

  • 02

    Take oil in a pan add onion, garlic,capsicum..shallow fry on slow heat, after that add chopped tomato to it,mix well

  • 03

    After few minutes add tomato, boiled shredded chicken along with pasta-pizza sauce & veg mayonnaise, mix well

  • 04

    Again after few minutes add salt, chicken masala & garam masala powder, toss well

  • 05

    Now add chopped coriander leaves and green chillie, give a nice stir-fry, off the flame and keep aside, cool it

  • 06

    Break golgappa from centre, put a small spoonful of mixture inside & garnish with grated Amul cheese on top

  • 07

    Preheat the microwave convection oven for 1 min at 110 degree, when it beeps open the door place the baking tray inside & give 2 minutes at same 110degree

  • 08

    Creamy Chicken Mayo-Golgappa's are ready, serve well



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