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Paneer Shashlik

Paneer Shashlik

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 18

Total Time : 38


Serves 4

  • 500gram paneer cut into large cubes/1 tsp ginger garlic paste/1 teaspoon red chilli paste/ 1/2 garam masala powder/1 teaspoon chat masala powder/ 1 teaspoon refine oil/ 1 tsp melted butter/ a few coriander leaves/ one capcicum/ l tomato/ one onoin


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    Marinate the paneer with hung curd/Add ginger garlic paste/ red chilli paste/ salt/garam masala powder / coriander leaves/ and one tsp refine oil/ oil will help you to keep your tikka moist soft and juicy./ Keep it in freeze for 7 hours/ In the meantime chop the tomato capcicum and onion as cube but slig6 larger than paneer cubes/now arrange or thread a piece of capcicum into the skewer.. follow that witha piece of panner than tomato and onion cubes./arrange in a way that your paneer cubes will get support from vegetables cubes/ pour the left over juice over the prepared shashliks./ Place it in a drip tray / Brush some butter/Baked it in s pre heated oven for 15 minutes/Brush again with a little butter when almost done/sprinkle dome chat masala /serve hot with onions rings and 🍋



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