Tomato Salsa

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Tomato Salsa


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :5 Min

Cook Time : 1 Min

Total Time : 6 Min


Serves : 2
  • 3 Tomatoes chopped

  • 2 Jalapeno Peppers

  • 1 Onion chopped

  • 1 cucumber chopped

  • Garlic clove chopped into halves 1

  • 2 tbsp Fresh Cilantro

  • Salt 1/2 tsp or to taste

  • 1 tsp Oil


  • Heat oil in a skillet. Pierce jalapenos and add to hot skillet. Stir and cook for a while to add smokey flavor let it blister.
  • Add jalapenos to a small bowl, cover and set aside.
  • Chop very finely onion and garlic, add the tomatoes, cilantro, salt and jalapenos. Let mix it all together.
  • Combine it with other ingredients and Salsa is ready