Whosayna’s Tacos

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Whosayna’s Tacos


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :40 Min

Cook Time : 30 Min

Total Time : 1 Hr 10 Min


Serves : 9
  • You will need: Taco Shells Guacamole Barqued or Grilled Chicken/Beef Fillet Salsa sauce Yogurt Dip Salad: Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes and Onions chopped with Sweet Corns Tortillas to make Taco shell: 1 n hlf cups All Purpose Flour 1 cup Cornflour 1/2 cup Cornmeal 1 tsp Salt 1 tsp Sugar 2 tsp Olive Oil 1/4 cup Oil 1 tsp Baking powder 1 Egg Guacamole: 1 Avocado Few Corriander leaves 1/2 tsp Black Pepper powder Salt (as required) 2 Tomatoes (chopped) 1 Onion Lemon juice Salsa Sauce: 3 Tomatoes (big chunks) 2 Harbanero chillies Yogurt Dip: 1 cup Yogurt little Salt dash of Black pepper powder dash of Cummin powder few Corriander leaves (chopped) Chicken or Beef filling: 1 kg Chicken/Beef Fillet slices Salt (as required) 2 tbsp Vinegar 1 tbsp Garlic paste 1 tbsp Paprika 1/2 tsp Cummin powder


  • Salsa Sauce: Boil in 1 cup of water, when cooled down, coarsely blend it add one chopped onion, salt, chopped parsely and lemon juice Yogurt Dip: Whisk yogurt and add the rest Chicken or Beef filling: Marinate chicken or beef slices with the above for atleast three hours. Barbeque, grill it or pan fry the slices Cut chicken or beef slices into thin shredds. Braise one onion slice in butter add capsicum and stir fry remove from flame and mix with chicken or beef slices. Can mix guacamole and little salsa sauce and keep the filling ready. Or can put separately. Take a taco shell fill it with chicken or beef mixture place guacamole salad. Pour two teaspoon salsa sauce, yogurt dip and one tablespoon of grated cheddar cheese