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Black Rice Pudding/ Chak Hao Pudding

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 300

Cook Time : 30

Total Time : 330


Serves 4

  • Black rice 1cup

  • Palm jaggery 1cup

  • Milk 500ml

  • Clarified butter 2table spoon

  • Fresh coconut 1 cup

  • Cardmon 8-10 piecez

  • Mango fruit 1

  • Pandon leaf 1


  • 01

    1- Wash one cup of black rice and soak it for 4 hours 2. Drain the water.. again add fresh water.. transe it it a cooker -put pandon leaf and cook well with one or two extra whistles. And let it cool. 3. Boil the milk on sim fire untill it becomes half/little less than half.. (thick in consistency) 4. Great the jaggery or even can smash and powder it. 5. Take out the cardamom skin, put seeds in grinder to powder it. 6. Greate the coconut -transe into mixer jar along with the water -grind and with the help of strainer filter the coconut milk. 7 . Heat the pan, put clarified butter/ghee, and jaggery and allow it to melt-on sim fire. 8. When jaggery melts- add cooked black rice mix well and allow watery content to evoperate little- 8. Then add powdered cardamom and coconut milk stir well for two minutes -turn off the gas. 9.Allow it to set and cool black rice pudding redy. 10. Cut mango into small pices. 11. Put the black rice pudding into a serving bowl..put mango pices on it and then 2 spoons of condensed milk. 12.Chak hao pudding/Black rice pudding is redy to eat.



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