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Cooking Time

Preparation Time :30 Min

Cook Time : 20 Min

Total Time : 50 Min


Serves : 13
  • 1 cup Almonds

  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar

  • 1 tsp cardamom powder

  • 1 tsp saffron strands

  • 2 to 3 tsp milk


  • First of all soak the Almonds in warm water for 30 minutes. After this much time drain the almonds and take out the excess water.
  • Now peel the almonds and let it dry on a cotton cloth for atleast 30 to 40 minutes. Make sure Almonds are not watering before proceeding.
  • Once Almonds are dry take all the almonds in a mixer jar. Crush the almonds coarse using the pulse method.. Scrape the sides and try to grind uniformly. Make sure Almonds are not fully crushed ,otherwise it will release some oil..
  • Soak few saffron strands in 2 tablespoon of warm milk , keep it aside for some time. Take the crushed almonds in a bowl. Add cardamom powder, some saffron strands and powdered sugar..
  • Add saffron soaked milk spoon by spoon in the mixture and mix nicely. Always add milk little by little. Add Milk , how much is need to make a soft dough of crushed Almonds.  
  • Grease your hands and do plastic sheets .. Place the almond dough between sheets and roll a thick disc. Now sprinkle chopped Pistachio and roll it again once or twice. With the help of cookie cutter just cut into desired shape. Place each shape on greased baking tray.
  • Bake on 170C for 7 to 8 minutes then just flip the cookies and again keep in Oven for same time to get baked on other side too. Bake till its slightly brown on both sides. Once done take it out and allow it cool completely .  
  • Later store in an air tight container, and enjoy at any time of day. Happy Cooking :) :)