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Carrot Jaggery Kheer

Carrot Jaggery Kheer

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 10

Cook Time : 20

Total Time : 30


Serves 4

  • Carrot-wheat pudding material:- 500 grams of carrot grated 2 liters of milk 300 gms jaggery (sweetened according to taste, less can be taken) 2 teaspoons ghee Some chopped nuts 1/2 bowl of broken wheat (Daliya ) boiled ( Add 4 bowl of water to it and take 2 whistles in the cooker and stop after 5 minutes after a low flame. )


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    Method :- Boil the milk in a thick bottom vessel, heat the ghee in the pan, keep aside the carrot, put the carrots in the ghee, and fry for 5 minutes. Now when the milk is remaining half the boiling, then add the oatmeal to it 3-5 minutes to keep the flame slow. Continuing with the spoon, add the carrot and thicken the kheer, add the jaggery to the jaggery. Jaggery will dissolve in 2 minutes (stirring the jaggery after mixing the jaggery directly.) Turn on the agar and start boiling 1-2 in the kheer above. Ready to mix the tasty and nutritious carrot kheer for the festival ...



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