Drumstick Preservative Pickle

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Drumstick Preservative Pickle


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :1 Min

Cook Time : 30 Min

Total Time : 31 Min


Serves : 5
  • 3 Drumstick chop as finger size roughly peal skin

  • Tamarind 150 red chilli powder 50gms salt 50gms turmeric 1tsp roasted fenugreek seeds powder 20gms Roasted cumin seeds powder 20gms garlic cloves crush 2tsp oil 1cup (sesamon oil) for tadaka.. 1tsp mustard seeds 1tsp cumin seeds asfoeteda 1 pinch dri red chilli 2


  • 1.Take fresh drumsticks pieces peal and keep a side.
  • 2.Heat a cadai pour oil 1cup leave drum leave drumstick pieces fri as it should get light brown colour take out..
  • 3.mean while boil water put tamarind it should boiled upto tamarind should be full soften and forms creamy texture
  • 4.take a bowl put boiled tamarind paste it gives taste and strench of the pickle,sakt,chilli powder,turmeric,cumin,fenugreek powder
  • 5.assemble well all those ingredientes ..then heat a cadai pour oil add mustard cumin seeds,red chilli,garlic crush,asfoeteda fri well tadaka add to the pickle mix up
  • 6.this pickle keep a side for 1 day after one day can serve its good taste really mouth twist..
  • 7.this pickle want to store add 1tsp venigar and keep in refrigerator ..taste is good and preservative pickle