Tamarind/Imli Pulp

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Tamarind/Imli Pulp


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :30 Min

Cook Time : 7 Min

Total Time : 37 Min


Serves : 25
  • 250 grams tamarind

  • 3 cups/500 ml water

  • 1 glass jar


  • Clean up tamarind and check for any seeds, skin or unwanted particles and discard them.
  • Heat water and soak tamrind in 2 cups of water for abour 30 minutes.
  • Cover with a lid and keep aside. Water are not very hot.
  • Rub the tamrind well using your fingers till the pulp has been extracted.
  • If your tamrind is clean then you will blend it well until smooth. This saves lot of time.
  • Strain the mixture using a strainer in a deep bowl.
  • Using glass jars with plastic lids and store in a glass or a ceramic jar.
  • Use as required in south Indian dishes like sambhar, rasam and gujarati dals and other dishes.
  • The tamrind pulp can be substituted in recipes add a tsp for every inch or marble size of tamarind asked for in the recipe.