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Cooking Time

Preparation Time :10 Min

Cook Time : 20 Min

Total Time : 30 Min


Serves : 10
  • AGAR-AGAR (Kadal paasi) _10grm,White regular Sugar 2Cups,Two food colour(Green n orange colour),Milk boiled 1/2cup,water 500ml,Jelly tray r normal tray.


  • In a sauce pan add 500ml of water n boil.once boiled add agar agar(make powder),then add 2cups sugar n mix well till both dissolved in water .Nw switch of d gas .Take 2pinch of food colour in 2 bowl separate (green n orange food colour).Boiled Milk 1/2 cup in third bowl.Pour d required amount of Agar n sugar mixture in d three bowls n mix.Nw take a tray n add d green colour first n cool for 10min.once done add d milk mixture n cool fr 10min.Nw another layer orange mixture add n cool for 20min.Aftr 20min reverse d tray in plate Cut d sides if necessary n then slice into required pieces n serve. Eat healthy n tasty jelly n enjoy Kids fav jelly n more healthy too Nw u can surprise them with their favorite in a healthy version.
  • Heat a sauce pan n add 500ml of water n boil then add d agar agar powder r strips n 2 cups of sugar n mix till it dissolves.Once done switch off.Take three bowls two bowls with two pinch of green n orange colour.Third with half cup of milk.pour d agar mixture on three bowls.Take a jelly tray n pour green mixture n cool for 10 min.Then add d milk mixture n cool for 10 min.Finally add d orange mixture n cool for 20 min.Once done reverse d tray in a plate n cut into pieces with knife n serve.Shapes is ur wish.Vry healthy n more tasty kids favorite jelly is ready to surprise all with their favorite recepi.