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"Sizzling hot" "Veggie Sizzler"

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 25

Total Time : 45


Serves 4

  • Capsicum 2 big (cut into squares)

  • Onion 2 medium (cut into 2 pieces)

  • Tomato 2 medium (cut lengthwise)

  • Potato 2 big (cut lengthwise)

  • Green chillies 2 ( finely chopped)

  • Coriander leaves 1/2 cup (to put inside as well for garnishing)

  • Cabbage few outer cover leaf for assembling 3-4

  • Paneer crumbled 3/4th catori/bowl

  • Tomato sauce 1tablespoon

  • Soya sauce 1teaspoon

  • Vinegar 1teaspoon

  • Honey 1teaspoon

  • Salt to taste (will be used 3times)

  • Black pepper powder 1/4teaspoon (will be used 3times)

  • Rice 1 small cup (washed, soaked & boiled)

  • Refined oil 2-3tablespoon (will be used 3times)

  • Cornflour 1teaspoon mixed with 1/2 cup of water, mix it nicely


  • 01

    Wash rice, soak for 20minutes & then boil it, keep aside

  • 02

    Now take a non-stick pan add oil, heat well

  • 03

    Fry the potatoes, do not over fry/cook

  • 04

    When it is soft add onions to it, make onions pink, do not over brown

  • 05

    When it is light pink add capsicum to it, do not over fry the capsicum, just fry for few seconds

  • 06

    Then add tomatoes, everything should be light cooked & fried, do not overfry this is a special note

  • 07

    Then add chopped green chillies, mix well

  • 08

    Now add chopped coriander leaves, and all spices, toss it nicely & take out in a bowl, keep aside

  • 09

    Now using the same non-stick pan add oil, heat well, add boiled rice to it, add spices & salt along with chopped coriander leaves, mix well

  • 10

    Now add crumbled paneer and toss it nicely, cook on sim flame for few minutes, take out in a bowl & keep aside

  • 11

    Now for gravy again use the non-stick pan add oil, heat well, add all the sauces along with spices & salt, toss it gently

  • 12

    Put the cornflour mixture fluid, cook for a while till the gravy is thick

  • 13

    Now add the prepared veggies mixture to it, coat the gravy nicely all over, keep aside

  • 14

    Now do assembling

  • 15

    Serve sizzling hot " veggie sizzler" is ready



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