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Instant Biscuit Modak

Instant Biscuit Modak

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 5

Cook Time : 5

Total Time : 10


Serves 3

  • Parle-G Biscuit 1 packet plus few leftover assorted biscuits

  • Milk Powder 3/4 cup

  • Silver Pearls for decoration 1/4teaspoon

  • Milk 3/4cup to 1 cup or use according needed to make a soft dough

  • Dark Cooking Chocolate 2-3 small piece of slab grated

  • Drop of Pista Essence(1 drop)

  • 1 Drop of light yellow colour (just as to make all the mix crushed powdered biscuits of same colour,so that it looks similar)

  • Red,Yellow,Green colour tutti frutti 1/4teaspoon

  • Pista 1-2pieces very finely sliced


  • 01

    Crush the biscuits in mixer grinder,make powder of it

  • 02

    To this add milk powder, pista biscuit essence, light yellow colour & sliced pista

  • 03

    Mix it nicely

  • 04

    Using Milk make a soft dough

  • 05

    On the other side grate the small piece of dark cooking chocolate and keep aside

  • 06

    Take a small portion of dough,put in the greeced modak mould, hollow from centre portion using slim sharp knife,insert the dark cooking chocolate and again cover from the below base portion

  • 07

    Know take out carefully and dip in the melted cooking chocolate

  • 08

    Decorate with silver pearls, tutti frutti and pista sliced

  • 09

    Serve at room temperature

  • 10

    Note if you dont have Modak Mould then shape it urself by using toothpick or silai



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