Aavakaaya(Mango Pickle)

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Aavakaaya(Mango Pickle)


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :15 Min

Cook Time : 15 Min

Total Time : 30 Min


Serves : 50
  • 15 Raw mangoes

  • 2 kg table salt

  • 2 Kg Red Chilly Powder

  • 2 Ltr Seasamum Oil

  • 2 Kg Mustard powder

  • 1 Hand full fenugreek seeds

  • 1/2 kg turmeric powder


  • Before starting pickle make sure any ingredient doesn't contain any moisture
  • So on a cotton cloth spread table salt and let it dry under sun
  • Wash raw mangoes thoroughly and clean water on raw mangoes with cloth and place them on a cloth and let them dry but not under the sun
  • If mangoes are dried under sun they may get riped
  • Cut mangoes along with peel into large pieces make sure you remove mango seed and a thin layer of paper which is present on mango
  • Mix all dried spices that is red chilly powder, salt, mustard powder
  • Place all mango pieces and add turmeric powder and pour little oil over pieces and mix well them so that mango pieces don't turn soft
  • Now gradually add dry powder mix and mix well so that spices get mixed with mango
  • Now add oil again until all mango pieces get drowned in oil and add fenugreek seeds
  • Let this pickle soaked and in oil and spices for atleast 7 days after 7 days check the oil level as we added salt juice from mango enter into oil and it may become dry and spices may get absorbed by this mango pulp so check taste by eating this pickle along with rice and add spices and oil and allow it to stay for another two days later it can be transfered into jar
  • This can be served for 1 year and it is moatly prepared in summer season that is in the month of april or may