Cake -nuts Chocolatey Balls

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Cake -nuts  Chocolatey Balls

Bake the most deliciously fluffy and moist cake for any occasion with these yummy and simple cake recipes!

Cooking Time

Preparation Time :1 Hr 0 Min

Cook Time : 35 Min

Total Time : 1 Hr 35 Min


Serves : 20
  • Sponge cake(chocolate or vanilla)-1

  • Chopped nuts- 1tbsp

  • Cherry-1 tbsp

  • Melted chocolate 2 tbsp

  • Vanilla extract-1 tsp

  • Chocolate chips-1/2 cup

  • Decorating toppings-1/2 cup(sprinkle,nuts, shredded coconut)


  • Gather the ingredients
  • Prepare a dish by lining it
  • Once your sponge cake is cooked and cooled,crumble it in a large bowl
  • Add chopped nuts,cherry, Vanilla extract,melted chocolate
  • Mix all ingredients until mixture is evenly moistened
  • Make balls
  • Place them in fridge for few minutes
  • In a microwave safe bowl heat the chocolate chips until they are melted
  • Stir till smooth
  • Remove balls from fridge
  • Dip one at a time in chocolate
  • Holding the dipped balls over the bowl and allowing excess coating to drip back in the bowl
  • Put in a plate
  • Sprinkle the desired topping (nuts, coconut, sprinkle )
  • You can serve immediately or keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator