Golden fantasy ice cream cake

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Golden fantasy ice cream cake

Our ice cream recipes is the smoothest, creamiest homemade ice cream you will ever taste . Just try it out!

Cooking Time

Preparation Time :50 Min

Cook Time : 2 Hr 0 Min

Total Time : 2 Hr 50 Min


Serves : 1
  • Butter 3tbsp

  • Refined oil 3tbsp

  • Powder sugar 50gm

  • Condensed milk 250gm

  • Vinegar 1.5tbsp

  • Milk 250gm

  • Flour 200gm

  • Baking powder 1.5tspn

  • Baking soda. 5tspn

  • Ice cream brick vanilla 2

  • Vanilla essence 1tspn

  • Chikki 1

  • Cashew nut crush 1

  • Strwabery crush 1tspn


  • Take one bowl add sugar and butter mix it well
  • For one minute
  • Then mix condensed milk in it and mix it well for 4min
  • Take one glass of milk add vinegar, vanilla essence mix it.
  • Take one bowl and place strainer in it then add flour, baking powder and then strain it
  • In condensed milk mixture we add little bit of milk and flour in it mix it. And then we add again little bit milk and flour and mix it. Lumps naa ho
  • Cake mixture is ready add baking soda in it. Mix it well instantly put in cake tin and place butter paper on cake tin and add cake mixture in it.
  • Tap cake tin 3times
  • Take cooker add salt add strainer in it. Heat cooker on high flame no whistle.
  • And then on low flame put cake tin in cooker and close cooker cap no whistle
  • For 35 to 40 min bake it
  • After bake take out cake from. Cake tin
  • And then cut cake from thin layer put strawberry cursh on one layer of cake
  • Put icream thick layer from. Spoon
  • Put again thin layer of cake and then put strawberry crush thin layer in it.
  • After that add thin layer of ice cream
  • Add chikky, cashwe nut crush on cake and cover cake with chikki and cashew nut crush