Plum Cake

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Plum Cake


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :10 Min

Cook Time : 40 Min

Total Time : 50 Min


Serves : 4
  • Raisins 1/2 cup , cranberries- 1/2 cup , dried figs - 1/2 cup, cherries-1/4 cup, apricots- 1/2 cup, dates - 1/2 , tutti frutti 1 cup colours as per your choice

  • 1 1/4 cup All purpose flour 1 tsp Baking powder 1/2 tsp Baking soda 2 tbsp Milk powder Cashewnuts almonds and walnuts as your choice 1/2 cup Brown sugar powdered 1/4 cup Meited butter 1 tsp Vanilla essence 1/2 cup Milk 1/8 tsp Dry ginger powder 4 Cloves powder 1/8 tsp Nutmeg powder 2-3 Cardamom powder 1/4 tsp Cinnamon powder


  • Firstly soak dry fruits in orange juice for 2 hours. Sprinkle 1 tbsp flour over the cashewnuts almonds and walnuts. Furthermore take powdered sugar and butter and blend. Further sieve all purpose flour baking powder baking soda milk powder dry ginger powder cloves powder nutmeg powder cardamom powder and cinnamon powder. Add milk and vanilla essence. Blend till the batter is combined and dry fruit and orange juice mix. Gently mix. Add cashewnuts almonds and walnuts. Further transfer the cake batter into the cake mould. Bake at 180° c for 40 to 45 minutes. Finally serve the Christmas Plum Cake.
  • Enjoy with family n friends