Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes With Strawberry Frosting

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Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes With Strawberry Frosting


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :15 Min

Cook Time : 20 Min

Total Time : 35 Min


Serves : 12
  • 1.5 cup All purpose flour

  • 1 tsp Baking powder

  • 1/2 tsp Baking soda

  • 1/4 cup Cocoa powder

  • 1 cup Buttermilk

  • 1/4 cup Caramel syrup

  • 1 cup Sugar

  • 1/2 cup Oil

  • 2 tsp Sprig vanilla extract

  • 1 tsp salt

  • For Strawberry Frosting: 1 cup Whipping cream

  • 2-3 tbsp powdered sugar

  • 2-3 drops Strawberry flavour


  • In a mixing bowl add the butter milk and baking soda, mix well and keep aside.
  • Sieve the flour, baking soda, cocoa powder, salt, mix well and keep aside.
  • In the buttermilk mixture add sugar, vanilla extract, oil, caramrl syrup, mix well and let sugar dissolve.
  • Add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and gently fold to make a smooth batter.
  • Line cupcakes liners in the cupcake tray. Preheat oven @180° for 10 mins.
  • Spoon the batter in the cupcake liners.
  • Bake at 180° for 20 mins.
  • Remove from oven and let it cool down completely.
  • Meanwhile making the frosting. In a large mixing bowl add the whipping cream and beat with an electric beater on medium-high speed for a min.
  • Then add the powdered sugar and vanilla flavour and beat further till you get a stiff peak. Your frosting is ready. Refrigerate till further use.
  • Once the cupcakes are cool down completely pipe the cupcakes using a pipping bag and any nozzle of your choice and serve.
  • Enjoy