Vegetables Poha "Health Click"

Vegetables Poha

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 5

Cook Time : 5

Total Time : 10


Serves 2

  • Poha 1cup Boiled vegetables 1cup Peanut 1tsp Onoin 1(lengthwise cut) Green chillies 2 (lengthwise cut) Curry leaf 8-10 Chopped coriander 1tsp Mustard seed (big) 1/2 tsp Jeera 1/2 tsp Haldi 1/2 tsp Salt to taste Oil 1.5 tsp


  • 01

    Heat oil Meanwhile Wash poha in strainer and keep aside Fry peanuts for few seconds in hot oil and keep a side Now add mustard  seed, jeera and green chillies Fry few seconds Add onion and curry leaf...stir and fry 2 minutes on medium flame Add haldi, salt and some water and stir Add poha stir Now add boiled vegetables and stir well Cook for a minute Stir between and add peanuts Stir well Add coriander stir and serve hot



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