Reindeer cookies

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Reindeer cookies

Well! With countless recipes out there., we have managed to put together the best cookie recipes. It is a must try for you!

Cooking Time

Preparation Time :20 Min

Cook Time : 20 Min

Total Time : 40 Min


Serves : 5
  • flour 1 1/2 kgs

  • cornflour 1/2 cups

  • Icing Sugar 1/2 cups

  • Butter 1 cups

  • Vanilla Extract 1 tsp

  • Cooking Chocolate 1 cups

  • Googly edible eyes (as required) 15-20 nos

  • Chocolate sprinkles 1 cups

  • Red gems or m&m 15-20 nos


  • The butter must be at room temperature.
  • Whisk the butter and icing sugar till its fluffy.
  • Add the vanilla extract as well and whisk again.
  • Sieve the cornflour and flour together into the butter mixture. Fold in to forms dough.
  • Make small roundels of the dough and place them on a tray lined with butter paper.
  • Chill the trays with dough roundels in the fridge for 1 hour.
  • Bake them at 170℃ , in a preheated oven or microwave oven (convection mode) for 14-17 minutes or till the sides are little brown. Cool them completely.
  • Melt the chocolate using double boiler method or microwave.
  • Dip the biscuit in the melted chocolate, decorate with the edible eyes, gems and the chocolate sprinkle.