Cake Pops

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Cake Pops


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :10 Min

Cook Time : 30 Min

Total Time : 40 Min


Serves : 6
  • 1 cups chocolate cake

  • 1/4 cups crumbled form chocolate frosting (amount depends on moistness of cake. i used 2tbsp white chocolate compound–100 grms dark chocolate compound–50 grms cake pop sticks sprinkles)


  • Add Cake To A Large Bowl. Crumble Until It Resembles Fine Crumbs. Add In Frosting A Little Bit At A Time Until Cake Is Moist And Can Hold A Ball Shape, Yet Still Slightly Crumbly.
  • Use Your Hands To Incorporate The Frosting Into The Cake Crumbs.
  • Use A Mini Ice Cream Scoop And Scoop Out Two Balls Of Cake Mixture. Roll The Mixture Into A Tight Ball And Place On A Plate.
  • Repeat Until All The Cake Mixture Has Been Rolled Into Balls.
  • Melt 2-4 Ounces Of White Chocolate In The Microwave.
  • Dip The Tip Of The Cake Pop Sticks Into The White Chocolate And Insert Into The Cake Balls About Half-Way. Refrigerate For About 20 Minutes.
  • Meanwhile Prepare All Of Your Decorating Supplies. Melt The Remaining Chocolate In A Large Cup. Make Sure You Have Enough Chocolate To Completely Submerge The Cake Ball.
  • Remove Cake Balls From Freezer. Dip Cake Balls Carefully Into The Chocolate Until Covered. Let The Excess Chocolate Drip Off.
  • Swirl And Tap Gently If Needed. Add The Sprinkles While The Chocolate Is Still Wet. It Will Harden Quickly.
  • Stick The Decorated Cake Pop Into A Styrofoam Block To Finish Setting. Place Into The Freezer To Speed Up Setting Time. Enjoy!
  • *For Marble Look I Put Some Melted Dark Compound In Centre Of Melted White Compound N Dip Cake Balls And Swirl Carefully.