Gulab Jamun Pink Delight Terrine

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Gulab Jamun Pink Delight Terrine


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :3 Hr 0 Min

Cook Time : 30 Min

Total Time : 3 Hr 30 Min


Serves : 10
  • Poha 2 cups Sugar 1 cup Water 2 cups Elaichi 5 Cornflour 1 cup Fresh thick Cream 2 tablespoons Full Fat Milk 1 cup Beetroot small sized 1 puréed Pomegranate medium 2 ground to juice Gulab Jamuns small sized 12 Rose Water 1 tablespoon Almonds and cashew sliced as preferred Raisins fistful Ghee 3 tablespoons Almonds sliced 4 tablespoons


  • Take 2 cups Poha / flattened rice . Wash it thrice and soak with the leftover moisture for 10 mins. Poha has turned soft and mushy. In a wok, add 1 cup sugar , 2 cups water, 5 elaichi.Stir and boil the sugar syrup. String consistency not required . Add the mushy Poha to the boiling sugar syrup.Cook Poha.Stir in between. In another bowl , take 1 cup corn flour , add 2 tablespoons thick fresh cream. Add 1 cup full fat milk . Whisk this mixture until smooth and lump free. Pour this corn flour solution to the Poha syrup . Keep stirring in low heat to ensure lumpfree solution . Take 1 small beetroot . Grind into smooth purée using little water . When Poha is cooked, add the beetroot purée . Mix completely. Take 2 medium pomegranates and grind into juice . Filter and use . Add the pomegranate juice to the wok . Mix and cook in medium heat . Add chopped almonds and cashews as preferred . Add a fistful of raisins . Add 1 tablespoon rose water . Stir and cook until Poha solution firms , turns thick. Needn’t be scooping tight . Cool completely. Take a terrine mould / any similar moulds. Grease with ghee . Sprinkle sliced almonds. Add prepared Poha solution as one thick bottom bed layer . Then arrange mini Gulab Jamuns as another layer . Now add the remaining Poha solution on top . Level surface and sides without disturbing jamuns . Make sure there is no gap so that terrine sets perfectly . Freeze it for 3 hours.Use a sharp knife to loosen the sides of the chilled,set terrine to unmould. Slice the terrine with a sharp knife . See how gorgeous this Gulab Jamun stuffed Pink delight terrine looks . Gulab Jamun Pink Delight Terrine is ready. Relish happily !