Mini Papadi Canapes

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Mini Papadi Canapes

Cooking Time

Preparation Time :15 Min

Cook Time : 25 Min

Total Time : 40 Min


Serves : 3
  • Maida(APF) 100gm.

  • Oil2-3tbsp for moyan

  • Salt 1/4sp

  • Kalunji 1/4sp.

  • Oil 2 cup for frying

  • For filling- onion 1 chopoed

  • Tomato 1 chopped

  • Green chilli 2 fine chop

  • Coriander leaf 2 tbsp fine chop

  • Lemon juice 1/2tsp

  • Pomegranate 2 tbsp

  • Salt 1/4sp(to taste)

  • Chat masala 1/4sp( to taste)

  • Ketchup 1/2tsp

  • Sew namkeen 2 tbsp for serving.


  • Take maida in mixing bowl add salt, kalunji and oil mix with finger tip add water make semi soft dough. Rest the dough about 10 min.
  • Now hot the oil in kadhai. Make normal size balls from dough n make little thick chapati prick the chapati with fork.
  • Now cut the small size canapes with cookie cutter and fry crispy golden canapes.
  • Mix all the ingredients of filling left the some namkeen for garnising.
  • Take papadi and put 1-2spoon filling garnish with namkeen serve it .