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Cooking Time

Preparation Time :20 Min

Cook Time : 30 Min

Total Time : 50 Min


Serves : 8
  • 1 kgs rice seeraga samba

  • 1 kgs mutton, chopped

  • 200 ml refined oil

  • 2 tbsp ghee

  • 50 gms curd

  • 300 gms tomato

  • 400 gms onion, finely chopped

  • 2 nos cinnamon sticks

  • 4 nos cardamom pods

  • 4 nos cloves

  • 1 cups coriander leave

  • 1 cups mint leaves

  • 1/2 nos lemon

  • 3 tbsp grounded chilli paste

  • 100 gms garlic, peeled and pounded into paste

  • 4 tsp salt

  • 80 gms ginger, pounded


  • Heat oil in a kadai and add the whole spices. Let them crackle and then gradually add half the quantity of onions. Saute for 3-4 minutes.
  • Add the garlic paste, ginger paste and then the red chilli paste and mix well.
  • Add the mutton pieces, salt, tomatoes and the remaining onions, and mix well.
  • Add the green chillies, curd and lemon juice.
  • Fry the meat for 12-15 minutes, adding a little water and then pressure cook this (the korma) for about 20 minutes.
  • Cook the rice for about 5 minutes in a separate vessel and then drain the excess water.
  • Bring the korma and the rice together in a heavy bottomed cooking vessel, carefully arranging them in multiple layers. Sprinkle the ghee as you layer the rice and the korma.
  • Add the finely chopped coriander, mint leaves and salt (to taste).Cover the vessel with a thin cloth and cook on a low flame for about 10 minutes in 'dum style'.
  • Notes: how to make red chilli paste? Soak 10-15 red chillies in water for 1/2hour then grind it to paste with same water