Rajasthani Malpua With Kesar Rabri

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Rajasthani Malpua With Kesar Rabri


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :10 Min

Cook Time : 45 Min

Total Time : 55 Min


Serves : 4
  • 1 cups refined flour

  • 3/4 cups thick milk

  • 1 pinch salt

  • 2 tbsp saunf powder

  • 500 gms oil for frying

  • 1 1/2 cups for 1 1/2cup sugar syrup : sugar

  • 1 cups water

  • 1 tbsp elaichi powder

  • 2 cups for 2 cup kesari rabdi : milk

  • 4 tbsp makhana roasted and grind powder

  • 10-12 nos kesar strings

  • 3/4 cups sugar

  • 1 tbsp elaichi powder

  • 4 tbsp dry fruits chopped


  • First take a Big Bowl add refined flour .
  • Add A Pinch of salt and saunf powder.
  • Make pouring Batter by using thick milk. Be careful there should be no lumps.
  • On the other hand make sugar syrup.
  • Heat a Pan add sugar and water, bring to boil.
  • When it become half string consistency add elaichi powder and switch off the flame.
  • For Making kesar rabdi-
  • Boil milk in a pan until thick.
  • Mix Makhana powder and stirr well.
  • Add Kesar strings.
  • After few minutes add sugar and mix well.
  • Now add dry fruits, Elaichi powder and switch off the flame.
  • Fry Malpua in medium hot oil.
  • Take a ladle full batter and pour it in oil.
  • When it cook from one side flip it and cook from another side.
  • When it become Golden take it out and soak in sugar syrup for few minutes.
  • After few minutes take it out and garnish with silver vark.
  • Served With Kesar rabdi.