Whosayna’s Donner Kebabs

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Whosayna’s Donner Kebabs


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :40 Min

Cook Time : 40 Min

Total Time : 1 Hr 20 Min


Serves : 8
  • For Donner Kebabs you need: 1) Pitta Bread/Khuboos 2) Salad 3) Seekh Kebabs 4) Tamarind Chutney 5) Hot Chutney Baked Seekh Kebabs: 1) 1 kg Mince meat (double minced) 2) few Corriander leaves (chopped) 3) Salt 4) 1 tsp Chilli powder 5) 5 Green chillies 6) 1/2 tsp Cummin powder 7) 1 tsp Garam masala 8} 2 tbsp Oil 9) 1 Onion 10) 1/2 cup Yogurt 11) 1/2 tsp Black Pepper powder 12) few Cashewnuts 13) 1 Egg 14) few Mint leaves 15) 1/4 tsp Blackpepper powder Pitta Bread: 1) 3 cups Wholemeal flour 2) Salt 3) 1 tsp Yeast 4) 2 tbsp Olive Oil 5) 1 tsp Oregano (dried) 6) 1 cup All Purpose Flour


  • Baked Seekh Kebabs: Blend together yogurt, corriander, onion n mint leaves, green chillies, cashewnuts, all spices, salt, oil n egg... Mix all together with mince meat n marinate for 3 hrs... Shape in seekh kebabs n arrange on greased trays.. Bake in oven on 220 C till done, can baste with its juice kuming out on tray with oil... Remove in casserole, do charcoal smoke (red hot charcoals keep on steel bowl lower in pan n pour 1 tsp ghee on the coal, cover it so smoke cannot escape)... Pitta Bread: Bind ol using warm water to a soft dough n let it rest for an hr o 2.... punch back n bind again, den mek thick hand sized rotis n lay on greased tray, let it rise den bake in oven on 210°C for 5mins then grill on electric grill till browned up.... Remuv n cover in kitchen towel to kip it softer.... How to serve: On a pitta bread put lettuce leaf, Onion rings n cucumber slices den put hot chutney n tamarind sauce n lay 1 seekh kebab, wrap it up n njoy.....