Whosayna’s Mocha Mousse Cake

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Whosayna’s Mocha Mousse Cake


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :40 Min

Cook Time : 30 Min

Total Time : 1 Hr 10 Min


Serves : 6
  • 500 ml double cream

  • 3 nos eggs whites

  • 4 tbsp castor sugar

  • 1 tsp coffee powder

  • 1 tsp vanilla essence

  • 1 tbsp gelatine (soak in 3 tbsp hot water)

  • 1 piece chocolate cake for base

  • 1/2 cups expresso coffee (black coffee)


  • Beat Cream With Beater Till It Forms Peaks Remove In A Bowl N Keep In Freezer
  • Rinse The Beater Bowl Put Egg Whites N Beat Till Peaks Are Formed, Add Vanilla Essence..
  • Fold In Beaten Cream, Gelatine Mixture N Castor Sugar.
  • Remove 1/4 Of The Vanilla Cream Mixture In A Separate Bowl, And Keep This In Freezer.
  • To The Other Cream Add Coffee Powder N Mix Well.
  • Take A Medium Sized Casserole Put 1” Length Choc Cake Slices All Over The Base, Till Full Base Is Covered.
  • Sprinkle Expresso Coffee On The Entire Cake Base, Slowly Pour Coffee Cream Mixture N Spread Evenly.
  • Keep In Freezer For 10 Mins, Remove Vanilla Cream Mixture And The Cake Casserole, Mix Well The Vanilla Mixture Then Spread Evenly The Mixture On It.
  • Sprinkle Choc Shavings N Choc Sprinkles Chill It Overnite Or Ateast 3 Hrs Till It Has Set Well.
  • Serve Cold