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Sewai Bowl With Rabdi

Sewai Bowl With Rabdi

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 10

Cook Time : 25

Total Time : 35


Serves 4

  • vermicelli 100 gms

  • ghee 2 tsp

  • cardamom powder 1 tsp

  • condensed milk 3 tbsp

  • For quick rabdi :milk 1 cups

  • cream or fresh malai 1 cups

  • corn flour 1 tbsp

  • cashew powder 4 tbsp

  • milk powder 4 tbsp

  • cardamom powder 1 tsp

  • sugar 4-5 tbsp

  • Saffron threads Chopped dry fruits –Almond, pistacchio chiraungi 1/2 cups


  • 01

    Take 2 Spoon Of Ghee, Add Vermicelli And Saute Till It Becomes Golden Brown In Colour.

  • 02

    Add 2 Tbsp Of Condensed Milk And Mix Well With A Spatula, Add The Sticky Mixture In A Mould, Set The Mixture With Spoon Or Fingers In The Shape Of The Bowl.

  • 03

    Put The Mould In The Refrigerator For 1hour Till The Vermicelli Katori Sets In The Mould.

  • 04

    For Quick Rabri: Take A Non Stick Pan. Add All The Above Ingredients For Rabri In The Pan And Mix Well.

  • 05

    Set It In Low Flame And Keep Stirring Consistently.

  • 06

    Add Dry Fruits And Elaichi Powder In The Rabri.

  • 07

    Close The Stove After Mixing It For 3-5 Mins And Set It To Cool In The Fridge

  • 08

    For Serving: Demould The Vermicelli Bowl And Put The Rabri In It Garnish With Some Dry Fruits And Serve



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