Whosayna’s Subway Sandwiches

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Whosayna’s Subway Sandwiches


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :40 Min

Cook Time : 1 Hr 0 Min

Total Time : 1 Hr 40 Min


Serves : 6
  • French Bread: 1) 3 cups maida (all purpose flour) 2) 2 tsp yeast 3) 3 tbsp oil 4) salt 5) 1 tbsp sugar Milk Mixture for binding: 1) 2 cups milk 2) 2 tbsp butter/margarine 3) 1 tbsp cornflour To mek Sub you will need: 1) Veggies (Capsicum, Cucumber, Olives, Pickled Jalopenos slices, Onion rings, Tomatoes chopped, Lettuce shredds) can toss ol together... 2) Tikka cubes (Chicken, Fish, Prawns o Beef) or can use Canned Sardines mixed with little Mayonaise or Smoked Chicken 3) Cheese spread (grated Mozarella Cheese, grated Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Cream, Chopped Parsely n 2 tbsp Milk mix all well) 4) French Breads 5) Mustard Sauce (optional) 6) Tomato Chilli Sauce (optional)


  • Milk Mixture for binding: boil together kip stirring, can add water do not let it go thicker, remuv from flame den bind de dough.... Method: 1) Mix dry ingredients well 2) Bind soft dough using all ingredients with milk mixture, if it falls less can use water too 3) Then let it rise cover the bowl with cling film... 4) Punch back make 3 portions 5) Roll each into rough rectangular n fold like swissroll 6) The lose end pinch so it does not open while baking 7) Lay the open side on cornmeal sprinkled tray 8} Make the other 2 in same 9) Slit the top with sharp knife then glaze with beaten egg and sprinkle dry flour all over the bread 11) Let it fully rise then bake in oven on 200C, till top has browned up How to mek Subs: 1) Can either slit bread from sides or remuv from centre thin slice jus hlf way til end.... 2) Fill in veggies, sauces, meat den cheese spread... 3) Wen ol done grill on high flame til cheese melts... 4) Can serve like cold sandwich skip cheese n spreads... NB: 1) Can also mix ol veggies n meat or chicken wid cheese sauce, mustard sauce, tomato sauce, chilli sauce n hot sauce sprinkle salt n pepper n toss well den do filling... Dis one good for picnics 2) Can also barbeque masala steak or chicken n cut thin slices for toppings, toppings is merely yor preference