Gulab Jamun With Pineapple Coconut Rabri

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Gulab Jamun With Pineapple Coconut Rabri


Traditional desi sweet presented in an exotic avatar. This sweet dish is very special as all of us in the family like relishing it together during all special occasions and festivals  In this preparation our very humble juicy dry fruit stuffed gulab jamuns are served with cold pineapple and coconut flavoured thick sweet rabri.   

Cooking Time

Preparation Time :15 Min

Cook Time : 40 Min

Total Time : 55 Min


Serves : 8
  • 1 1/2 cups for gulab jamun balls : milk powder

  • 3/4 cups milk

  • 2 tbsp ghee

  • 1/2 cups refined flour

  • 1 pinch baking soda

  • 1/4 cups grated paneer

  • 2 tsp for the filling :chopped pistachios

  • 2 tsp chopped almonds

  • 1 tsp fine sugar

  • 2 tbsp milk powder

  • 8-10 nos saffron threads

  • 1 cups ghee for frying

  • 2 cups for sugar syrup : sugar

  • 2 cups water

  • 1 tsp cardamom powder

  • 8-10 nos saffron threads

  • 1 cups for pineapple coconut rabri -pineapple chopped

  • 1/2 cups desiccated coconut

  • 1/2 litre full cream milk

  • 2 tbsp condensed milk

  • 2 tbsp sugar

  • 1 tbsp pistachio chopped

  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder

  • 8-10 nos for the garnish :saffron strands

  • 1 tsp chopped pistachios


  • Make syrup by boiling sugar and water till it becomes little thick.
  • Add saffron and cardamom keep it warm.
  • Mix all five ingredients and make very small balls for filling in the centre of gulab jamun.
  • To make Gulab Jamun:
  • First take milk powder and ghee and baking soda and mix well.
  • Then add paneer and milk and make a very soft dough.
  • Mix everything nicely and make small lemon size balls
  • Next fill centre with pista badam mixture.
  • Fry till dark brown on slow flame in hot ghee.
  • Then transfer in the warm sugar syrup and soak in it for half an hour it will become double in size.
  • Remove from syrup and keep aside.
  • Boil milk in a deep pan on a low flame.
  • Keep stirring to evaporate water as the milk thickens.
  • Heat another non stick pan and add chopped pineapple, and sugar .
  • Cook for at least 5 minutes on a medium flame to evaporate water.
  • Add condensed milk, evaporated milk, desiccated coconut, cardamom powder, and chopped pistachio.
  • Mix well and cook for 2 minutes.
  • Remove from heat, and let it come to room temperature.
  • Keep in refrigerator until serving time.
  • For serving - Just before serving, place gulab jamun in a bowl or a plate.
  • Gently pour chilled pineapple rabri over the gulab jamun, sprinkle chopped pistachios and saffron strands and serve immediately.