Mutton Vindaloo (Traditional Goan Cuisine)

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Mutton Vindaloo (Traditional Goan Cuisine)


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :24 Hr 0 Min

Cook Time : 30 Min

Total Time : 24 Hr 30 Min


Serves : 4
  • 500 gms. mutton on bones, cubed

  • 1 tbsp. ginger-garlic paste

  • 1 tsp. turmeric powder

  • 1 tsp. salt or to taste

  • 1-2 tbsp. red chili powder

  • 1/2 tsp. pepper powder

  • 1 tbsp. coriander powder

  • 1 tsp. cumin powder

  • 1 tsp. garam masala powder

  • 1/4 cup vinegar

  • 2-3 tbsp. oil

  • 2-3 onions, chopped


  • Marinate the mutton with ginger-garlic paste, vinegar and all the dry powdered spices overnight.
  • Heat oil in a pan and saute the onions till light brown. Now drain the mutton from the marinate and add it to the onions.
  • Fry on a high flame 2-3 minutes. Now add the marinade and continue to cook on a medium flame till dry.
  • Add 1 cup water and pressure cook for 15-20 minutes on a low flame after the first whistle. When done, simmer till the gravy turns slightly thick and you get the desired consistency.
  • Garnish with onions and coriander leaves. Serve with plain pulao, kuska biryani, plain steamed rice, jeera rice, naan, tandoori roti or just plain chapati.